(2) Bottles KONI Wines (1 red & 1 white)
Ground Coffee
Table Runner
Rooibos Tea
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
KONI Wines Coffee Mug
KONI Wines note pad

Sold in a lovely gift box
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You have found the ULTIMATE Gift Box! All LOCAL businesses. All delicious!
Ready for gift giving in it’s lovely box.

It includes:
(2) Bottles KONI Wines 1 red & 1 white bottle
(to help you choose the wines-we will contact you by email)

Ground Coffee (250g) – from our guys at Ground One
Table Runner (1) – by Imibala Ye-Afrika
Rooibos Tea (20 bags) – Teamendous
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) – Rio Largo
KONI Wines Coffee Mug (1)
KONI Wines note pad (1)

Do good things while you enjoy. With every purchase we give a portion of the proceeds to support our local girls & boys with much needed personal supplies.