We Are

A proudly black owned brand offering delicious
wines for all wine lovers since 2015

An African Tale

Fighting like a lioness bringing more diversity to the South African wine Industry.
Taking the risk to succeed.

That is Koni Wines

Koni Wines with Miss SA top 10 finalists

Real wines for Real People

Drink what you like.

Do it with good food, good company and a happy disposition.

Koni Wines is here to support you in every way!



Koni Wines is now offering Mixed Cases!  

Fully mixed, Red mixed or White mixed.

Special orders available for orders of 6 cases or more.


Giving back is a part of doing good in the world.

Koni Wines is looking for a charitable partner.  If you have a nomination, please contact us. 



To actively contribute to a Legacy of Hope by participating in building our thriving African economy.


To consistently bring high quality wines that contribute to your Memorable Moments.


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